Another Ordinary Night

Crown and Carlton beer in Ayu’s apartment window after chit chatting all night with Alfie, pizza and beer will be a perfect accompany for summer night

Sitting on cheap wine pub somewhere in Lygoon street. Wondering where were you? I was in the mood of imagining that we are still sharing the same star when a snack called fortune cookies so tempting to try.

It seems, I was dragged by my curiosity about knowing what’s written on the paper. Yes, I always miss you this much everyday. Keeping you in my mind with a proper amount froth thickness of a latte. Amount that make it enough to cover the top of the glass in a size of pinky finger’s tip. I wanna make it perfect in composition and wait until the froth itself dripping in milk coffee emulsion in its bottom. That is the time when your latte was not to hot to touch your lips. The right time, the right taste, the right amount, with the right sensation. Yes, I made my froth with faith on you.

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