Caffeinated With You

50 cents doughnut in Camberwell sunday market my must have breakfast for weekend, Melbourne 2009

How would you like to have your coffee done?
Ehm as always, long black with two sugars. Make it two shot please! And I’ll be ready to rock on my days. They usually double-up the cup, don’t be too stupid to realize that either short or long black were hotter than regular late, flat white, or cappuccino. That’s why I always get my own rubberized-hold take away cup everywhere with me. Purely flavored smell of roasted coffee come out with the steamed hot water; simple, straight, bold, dare for insane. Milk will only make it weaker, some people may have it to let its froth licked by their tongue, but not for me. I’m not a kind of short time player, I challenge eternalness. no decaf! Since I’m still lovin the way caffeine work with my mood, taste like love at first sight. Yup, you can call it A Shot In The Dark: ‘Hammerhead’ as stubborn as I am, but two sugar will enough to reincarnated me into a not cold-hearted human being, like the others.

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