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Nike & Adidas, Philosophy in Between

“And a man said, speak to us of self-knowledge, the hidden well-spring of your soul must need rise and run murmuring to the sea. And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes. But let there be no scales to weight your unknown treasure. And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line. For self is a sea boundle and measureless.” (Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet)

Why there should be a distinction and difference. Why God created difference in every creatures and make distinctions in them. God must have a good purpose on it. I think some of the reasons are to make everything run in their own roles. Why God created the sun different from the earth? It is because the earth has a role to become a place for the human kind, animals, plants and any creatures to live. And the sun runs its function as a solar system in the universe. As a human we have an obligation to sharpen our mind so that we can keep thinking in the correct way in the correct form.

God had endowed mankind a brain that will bring and idea after the process of thinking. Thinking is an activity when a person talks to their self and deals with their ideas. Thinking is the root for human to be able to do something. The thinking process effect the whole idea of living itself, because in live we are faced by choices that we had to decide using our brain. In the brain all our consideration are carefully selected in the process of thinking. So it is necessary for us to learn distinction and difference in every side of this life, to think which one is correct, and which one is not because it will help us in making a good analysed.

We called it distinction when two things is not identical but still have the same form or shape and we called it differentiation when two things are not similar in its form and shape. Two things called identical, when one is another. And two things or more called similar whenever they are matched in form. When two things are similar in their reality (complete or not complete), the relations between both of them called logic identity. Whenever two things the same in quantity, the relations comes to equality.


  1. REAL DISTINCTION is the distinct between two realities that had already or just recently exist. The sign that indicate this distinction is one can transform without transforming the others, if both were to be separate each can still stand by itself, one thing is the result of the other and when in both hold a contradiction with each other.
  2. LOGIC DISTINCTION is the distinct between two concepts but in the same reality. That two concept can be both hold the same opinion or hold separate opinion. The concept is made by subjective reason; May is unanimity and become one identity. Logic distinction can be divided into logic distinction with reality base and logic distinction without reality base.
  3. FORMAL DISTINCTION is an illegible concept from the same thing that didn’t depend from the thought.
  4. VIRTUAL IMPLICIT DISTINCTION is formulated because God’s special characters that contains inside when it’s included in God’s creatures it will be up against each other, this distinctions only point to intern relations, didn’t say that that “inside God contain or can contain an opposites special character and unique character that only God have.
  5. CAPITAL DISTINCTION is when two thing are separated will cause one of those thing missing.


One of the best way to over come confusion about ideas is to make important distinction; that is, to avoid lumping all considerations together indiscriminately. The following distinction is the most often overlooked.

Distinction between the person and the idea. When we want to see someone idea we have to free our mind from one side thinking. Don’t let our mind influence only by a person formed stereotyped. For example: our reaction to a sentence beginning “Adolf Hitler said…” would probably be different from our reaction when we read about a sentence that begin with “Winston Churchill said…” In the first sentence we might not even continue reading. At the very least we would read with great suspicion; you’d be ready to reject what was said. Those things happened because we are difficult to set them aside. In one sense, we shouldn’t set them aside. Yet in another sense, we must set them aside to be a good thinker.If we do not check we tendency to accept or reject ideas on the basis of who expresses them, we analysis of everything we read and hear is certain tube distorted. We will judge arguments on whether the speaker is of our race, religion, or political affiliation or whether we like his or her hairstyle. To guard against confusing the person and the idea, be aware of our reactions to people and try compensating for them. That is, listen very carefully to people you are inclined to like.

Distinctions between matters of taste and matters of judgment. Expressions of taste describe internal states and preferences. Expressions of judgment are assertions about the wisdom of a course of action. In matters of taste we may express our personal preferences without defending them. In matters of judgement, however, we have an obligation to provide evidence. Many people confuse taste and judgement. They believe their right to hold an opinion is a guarantee of the opinion’s rightness. This confusion often causes people to offer in adequate support for views that demand support. Keep in mind that whenever someone presents an opinion about the truth of an issue or the wisdom of an action –that is, whenever someone present an opinion about the truth of an issue or the wisdom in action, that is whenever someone present a judgment you not only have aright to judge his or her view by the evidence, you also have an obligation to do so.

Distinctions between fact and interpretation. A fact is something known with certainty, something either objectively verifiable or demonstrable. An interpretation is an explanation of meaning or significance. In much writing, facts and interpretations are intertwined. It is not always obvious where one leaves off and the other begins. The danger in failing to distinguish between fact and interpretation is that we will regard uncritically statement that ought tube questioned and contrasted with other views. If the habit of confusing the two is strong enough it can paralyse our critical sense.

Distinctions between literal and ironic statement. Literal means said according to real fact and to affirmative about something, but sometimes a writer makes a point by saying the exact opposite of what he or she meant using irony or satire. A writing using a tongue-in-cheek statement instead of a normal-plain direct statement can be more biting and therefore more effective. The alert to the subtlety in order to not misread are necessary. If you don’t, than the message you receive will be very different from the message that has been expressed. You interpretations about the message will be false and you will fail to respond to the message correctly.

Distinction between an idea’s validity and the quality of its expression. The way an idea is expressed can influence people’s reaction. Eloquent expression tends to excite a favourable response, just as lifeless, inarticulate, error-filled expression prompts a negative response. People tend to judge by the first thing or stuck in the most appealing object and later it will be use as a base in digesting the message. If you had high awareness about how expression can be deceive which mean to make special effort to separate form from its contents before judging than you can surely catch the meaning and content of a message.

Along time ago maybe we don’t need any sophisticated applications in our shoes. We only need shoes to protect our feet. But human will not called human if they are not try to innovate in order to fulfil their unsatisfied needs. For the shoes brand name such as Nike and Adidas who have already become the most well known shoes trademark. They always make an effort to win the international market by increasing the quality of their product; they compete to launch their most up-to-date product and enhance their industrial unit to take apart in almost every country. They also sponsored many sports events.

The Nike shoes is the popular one, it has unique characters that make it different from other products. Comes from the simple sentence “Just do it” have brought Nike not as simple as it’s looks. Only by see a simple symbols like this Nike has, we will directly recognize that was belongs to Nike brand. Nike itself has its improvement compared with the other brand because Nike is famous for its Air, so Nike has the courage to launch Air Jordan. From it’s colours Nike never afraid to innovate new colours that match with the teenagers style. Nike is the most productive shoes brand. Because Nike always tries to fulfil the teenagers needs. It can be seen from the product that has been released. They all cool, stylist, comfortable, look great in any feet, and make you fly.

Adidas brand has its own way to confront with Nike’s product. In promoting its product, Adidas used a fresh Basketball star “Kobe Bryant”, different from Nike that used an Old Legend Basketball star like Michael Jordan. The symbols that become Adidas trademark is a two line that divide a triangle. Adidas is popular for its football shoes and also capable in launching cross-training shoes because its persist in the clutch of its under sole. There are few words to describe Adidas, it is strong, interminable, old-fashioned, motionless, and inactive.From the example above we can see that there is a Real Distinction between Nike and Adidas.

The symbols that used by Nike and Adidas as a trademark, we can conclude that only by seeing those symbols we will directly recognise which brand it is. The reality that only by heard “Air”, we will immediately know that it is a Nike product, and only by heard “Torsion”, we will know that it is belong to Adidas.The Logic Distinction can be seen by my own explanation to the Nike’s product. For me Nike’s shoes are shoes that fixed with the youngsters needs, the form is stylish, fashionable, chic, and modish.

It will be different if we see Nike from the adult’s concepts of thinking. They give an interpretation to Nike as a too sophisticated shoe. Because the models are not as usual as shoes in common. The colour also doesn’t match to their style and age. That is why there is a logic distinction to the Nike concepts in everybody mind’s. Because And the Formal Distinction comes from the price of both products. The Nike’s price almost more that one million rupiahs in each item. But for Adidas the price comes from two hundred thousand until eight hundred thousand rupiahs. Because the formal distinction is point to attend between concept that had a certain condition about something identical and it doesn’t depend on mind.

The Difference, will come if we compared shoes with the sandals that is completely different. The shoes has its own functions for do exercise, for examples. This part of the case is point to the Virtual implicit distinction. The distinction of something that god have in which that is a special character that contain inside but when it exist in god creature it will be up against each other. As we know that “Man’s being is made of such strange stuff as to be partly a kind to nature and partly not, at once natural and extra natural, a kind of ontological centaur, half immersed in nature, half transcending it.” (Jose Ortega y Gasset). God had created human and animal, that some part of them have a similarity. Especially when we see from the biological desires. And the distinction between human and the animal can be identify from both of their basic differences such as ability to be aware of things and to think and reason, originating on the brain that only have by the human And the animal doesn’t have that.