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Drizzle In My Window

I probably not kind of young and restless, this about me being grown up and lay back. Will this mean no spark anymore? Honestly I’m tired kissing you with emoticon. Just what I feel when I wake up this morning realize what the hell I’ve been living on? Detachment to stay online till 2.00 AM in front of my computer, consider that It was 1.00 PM  in Washington where you’ve just finish your class, and I know It will be impossible for us to create conversation before that. It happened now, I’m too lazy making conversation with you, since it’s winter and I can only find drizzle in my window, as your summer sweating you there. Again, yah It is only because drizzle in my window.

Hey, I’m weeping. So true, I like to hurt myself more that I would dare hurt others.  Blood, as red as rose smells delicate scent at least it was mine. Wait! Those fairies have finish bake some tasteful cupcake. Not too sweet I guess, since I don’t like too much sugar in my fairytale, Yeah I will get another toothache if you try to act too sweet.