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Saya Positif

Hari ini akhirnya untuk pertama kali saya bertemu langsung dengan Andri Tambunan. Sosok fotografer yang beberapa karyanya sudah melanglang dunia foto jurnalistik Indonesia. Pertemuan yang sedikit lucu karena siang ini saya sedang masak makan siang di kantor INFIS Bogor, dan saya baru selesai mencuci wajan yang saya pakai untuk memasak cah wortel jamur.

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Baduy Village

All pictures are taken with Minolta SRTX-100x analogue camera without any digitally retouched using Lucky ISO 100 35mm black & white Film. Short journey to Baduy Village, West Java on December 11, 2011. The Baduy people of West Java have for centuries led lives that are deliberately cut off from the world; lives governed by mystical taboos and rituals. And yet, they are self-sufficient and not much afflicted by modernity.

Though the villages are almost hidden from the outside world and their taboos prevent the villagers from modernity, the Baduy are sociable and engaging. They will always welcome you heartedly. It’s easy to put together a unique experience that will satisfy the adventuring hopes of just about any traveler. Outer Baduys may be more open to outsiders, but their children are still very shy with strangers. Unlike the adults, the kids are not yet familiar with the concept of money. What they love more are candies, which they happily receive from visitors.

Leading lives that are barely affected by modernisation, Baduy children don’t go to school. But they do benefit from a kind of education – at least, that’s what the Baduy elders always say – by staying as close as they do to nature. The Baduy children’s favourite (and most easily accessible) source of entertainment is drawing pictures in the ground. Showing evidence of outside influences, they sometimes scratch out images of TVs or mobile phones in the dirt. When not occupied with play, they lend a hand to their parents, tilling the rice fields or weaving fabrics to wear or sell.

40 Ounce of Spring

Pictures were taken with Minolta SRTX-100x analogue camera without any digitally retouched using Provia ISO 100 35mm slide Film. It is spring in Melbourne and four 1/4 Bates mates decide to jigging around Fitzroy Garden and walkin around Melbourne’s city lanes.

Melbourne, Spring 2010

Death by Association in Colourless Hysteria

What will we eat for our breakfast today? A bowl of white expired milk film with grainy noise cereal. As sour as yesterday passes us with bitterness. Sucking my breakfast straight from my bowl, I was expecting nothing from my Rollei Retro 400 black and white film, entitled in Echa’s Yashica Minimatic. They were just as suppose they are. I always being a person who never sure about myself.

Occupying my mind with sets of instructions, priceless time, ages of innocent ignorance. Being salvation in a machine called life, expectation, purity.

In cause of indignity, barely let my self bowing to featureless ambition, inconstantly challenge vagueness, ambiguity, misspelled behavior of a child. Dancing naked presenting the truth, again about what? About nothingness.

I want to know what will your velvet norma believe in? To tell the truth I was so shy not to do everything based on the book. So scared, that I feel ashamed to said that your chromosome tangled a bit in my mind. You never show me…

I am a sinner, imbecilic retarded soul that longing for liberation. I swear by the grave of my foolishness, I wish I was reborn somewhere else outside the universe, open my eyes without faulty.

Since, I never been interested in any of broken rainbow who shaping those lunatic branches. I simply want to buried my head inside your dream. Sneaking deep into your mind, still memory, unconsciousness, like a tiny mole.

Setting up some moment to set my spirit free, satisfying my mouth watering curiousity. Trough my darkness smile, brightness dark star, an explosion of supernova.

Life growing old, leaving its warmth, losing its faith, lines of disability. No one filling into their expectation, storm of constant selfishness, leaving the unborn dying in cold immature dogma. Have you ever ask time how it need to understand?

I am fading away, in alpha illumination of a broken hearted. A limp human, in trembling voices I whispering word call home, a place where I belong. Breaking up the deal, the soul taker mark down my cremated body. Give one more chance to have a blink of deep sleep, eternity.


All pictures are taken with Holga 120 CFN Color Flash. The Holga camera was initially introduced to the Chinese public in 1982 as an inexpensive camera for everyday use. Shortly after its introduction, it became an underground artistic phenomena. Using the Holga is an exercise in breaking free from dependence on technology, precision and controllability. The slight softness of the images, vignetting and random light leaks produce dream-like, one-of-a kind images. The Holga 120CFN is modeled after the original Holga 120N released in 1982 but includes a built in flash with a spinning color wheel for your choice of red, yellow, blue or standard white flash.

Unknown 120 mm Black and White Film

Melbourne, 2009


Yellow Lomolitos

All pictures were taken with  Lomolitos Yellow Flash. The Lomolitos Single-Use Camera with Yellow Color Flash is the first single-use Lomographic camera. The camera includes a single blue filter that can be switched on or off your flash and is pre-loaded with 24 exposure color film for color-flash-tinted shots in day or night. Just hand off the whole camera to any 35mm developer for easy processing.

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