Death by Association in Colourless Hysteria

What will we eat for our breakfast today? A bowl of white expired milk film with grainy noise cereal. As sour as yesterday passes us with bitterness. Sucking my breakfast straight from my bowl, I was expecting nothing from my Rollei Retro 400 black and white film, entitled in Echa’s Yashica Minimatic. They were just as suppose they are. I always being a person who never sure about myself.

Occupying my mind with sets of instructions, priceless time, ages of innocent ignorance. Being salvation in a machine called life, expectation, purity.

In cause of indignity, barely let my self bowing to featureless ambition, inconstantly challenge vagueness, ambiguity, misspelled behavior of a child. Dancing naked presenting the truth, again about what? About nothingness.

I want to know what will your velvet norma believe in? To tell the truth I was so shy not to do everything based on the book. So scared, that I feel ashamed to said that your chromosome tangled a bit in my mind. You never show me…

I am a sinner, imbecilic retarded soul that longing for liberation. I swear by the grave of my foolishness, I wish I was reborn somewhere else outside the universe, open my eyes without faulty.

Since, I never been interested in any of broken rainbow who shaping those lunatic branches. I simply want to buried my head inside your dream. Sneaking deep into your mind, still memory, unconsciousness, like a tiny mole.

Setting up some moment to set my spirit free, satisfying my mouth watering curiousity. Trough my darkness smile, brightness dark star, an explosion of supernova.

Life growing old, leaving its warmth, losing its faith, lines of disability. No one filling into their expectation, storm of constant selfishness, leaving the unborn dying in cold immature dogma. Have you ever ask time how it need to understand?

I am fading away, in alpha illumination of a broken hearted. A limp human, in trembling voices I whispering word call home, a place where I belong. Breaking up the deal, the soul taker mark down my cremated body. Give one more chance to have a blink of deep sleep, eternity.

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