Killing My Routine

Sunday market at Camberwell suburb, Melbourne 2009

I’ve been feel really bore to death lately; this fatigue comes until I hate myself so much. I decide to flip flop all my life routines, and do something stupidly start from simple and small things. First I choose not cook for dinner, get out to find something to eat outside, but this time I am avoiding city to hang around. 900 bus to Chadstone, only 5 minutes away. I get into that bus with one of my housemate. As usual all food court already closed, that’s what I hate from living in Oz, lazy workers! Quarter chicken in lemon herbs sauce with large portion of chips, become another piece of shit for my fluffy tummy.

I don’t care I have to spoiled myself this time. Get off from Nandos after finish licking on our oily chicken fat fingers. We were not in the mood of watching any movie. Simultaneously we turn our steps to borders bookstore. Seeing all design and music book price only will make me regretting my big portion dinner, I sense any hunger there. So I just avoiding that book racks and go to CD sale boxes. $10 each or $40 for 5 CD, what a bargain.

I never buy original CD all my life before, Jakarta is heaven for all source of cheap digital entertainment. You can get dozens good quality piracy music cd, mp3 and dvd movie for only $10. Geezz its so ironically pain in the ass living in a country where all of the people praise copyright and forbid piracy. For me, I was an open source lover myself. Hey get for real, I come from a Third World Country where all of the people cannot have access to worldwide knowledge reference due to their poverty. And I believe that one reason why those people still living in poverty because of exploitation by more powerful country who have stronger knowledge, technology, and capital. That will be just taking back what belongs to our rights when we pirating their product. For notes, I only allow this happened to other country’s product, meanwhile I always collect original VCD for Indonesian movie :)

To much being insincere, keep this mission goes with killing my routines. This is about doing things that you never do before. Ehm to much CD in the sale boxes, I recognized some of the artists but I didn’t recon most of them. There come out a light in a head, how about I choose those CD based on the cover design and get rid off any other reference. Just grab any CD that has a interesting cover design, and don’t think about “Who the hell is this artist?” or “What kind of genre would it be categorized from album named -Teeth Lost Hearts Won- will be”. Yahh, time not thinking to much and just do what I like.

So, I fall my heart to 5 CD in my hand. The excitement was kinna addictive. I really want to go home as fast as I can, open all those cases and listening to what kind of music that they playing. I keep those CD in my hand, during the trip back home I’m giving a lot of questions about anything related to every single pieces of the their drawings, graphics, and what they really try to present troughs the covers. I read all the words and song title list, fonts, texture, pictures, label and publisher names just to figure out will it be as I expected when I listen to those songs. But nevermind, less expecting means less hurt.

1st Album: Teeth Lost Hearts Won, Artist: The Grates, My iTunes said: Alternative & Punk

2nd Album: There’s Me and There’s You, Artist: Matthew Herbert Big Band, My iTunes said: Jazz

3rd Album: Smoking Gun, Artist: Lady of The Sunshine, My iTunes said: Rock

4th Album: The Great Hartford Fire, Artist: By The Fireside, My iTunes said: Alternative & Punk

5th Album: Ghost Days, Artist: Syd Matters, My iTunes said: Nothing

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