Overcoming 30 Years Old Syndrome

When you are a woman reaching your early thirty, you might admit that there are several consciousnesses that you have been reach during the starting time of your adulthood. I am tracking back my previous life during my 20th, and end up by figure out how those years had contributed a meaningful thought and understanding about life that I have now. Once I wrote a short note in year 2007, which was around 5 years ago when I am on my twenty-five. The note titled Dear Mr. Right, was kind of addressing letter that I wrote to a fiction character of my future life time committed partners, or generally legalized as your husband.

Nov 11, ’07 5:41 AM for everyone

Dear Mr. Right,

Hi, how are you over there? This could be the thousand times I try to contact you. Keep hoping and believing that you are not just a fiction character of the perfect life story. Yeah, although knowing you is just being a daily consumption of my everyday perception, I feel there’s no necessary to push myself to hard just to find you. You know those romantic-drama movies always try to tell me that I have to make a very complicated romantic journey to gather myself into you. No wonder, if in my quarter century years old live I never could have met you. There’s a time when I can feel your present around me, sneaking naughty from those curtain, but suddenly when I recognize it, you’re just gone. Can you give me another kind of option please? Some understanding that there’s no more Mr. Right in this live maybe?. Or that reality only served its place for Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Happy.

Okay, the fact that it has been 5 years since that note has been written does not make any changes in how life has answers those several questions that I’ve ask in the few last sentences. But, It end up with my understanding that life is not only about finding Mr. Right, it is about sharing your passion with everyone you have met during your life. It is about living your life to the fullest, and giving meaning in each of its step. When I come to that understanding, I amazed by what I’ve accomplished and experience during my past five years. I have been able to overcome many obstacles and challenge that had come to my life, face-it, getting its done, and continue to another level.

I have been able to finish my masters overseas, something that I have struggled to convince my big family that it is always possible for a woman to reach her dream and not to be afraid to set it up high. Now I am very proud, to know that I am the first and probably the only grandchild from the other 34 grandchildren in my family who are able to get that opportunity. It is winning a small chance in a very tight cultural restriction.

I have courage to set-up my own company, another dream about having a work life that I would be able to manage by myself and giving more valuable work opportunity to others. This is a challenge about being an entrepreneur, which is probably not much ever thought by people during my age who are mainly work as employee in well-established companies. Facing the mainstream is always a dare to do jobs, and it needs a lot of hard work to make it work. But I am lucky to be raised in a family who appreciate the value of entrepreneurship in starting a business. It make easier for me to convince my family that I would not work like many other people do, from nine to five with a very nice suites and a very shiny leather foot wear. It is a dream that I have to continue to work until now.

And how about that Mr. Right dream? For sure I am still dreaming of it but in a very quite useful manner, to convert that dream into more positive way, and change it into an energy and motivation. I never lost hope and believe on that, but instead of desperately finding answers for questions above, I construct the foundation with faith. It is sounds like what have been said by Stella to Ted Mosby during their break-up in the 23rd episode of the fourth season of  “How I Met Your Mother” serial. “She’s on her way — and she’s getting here as fast as she can,” Stella promises Ted at the end of their relationship. Aligned with that statement, I highlight one sentence that was really inspiring from Holstee Manifesto, “If you are looking for love of your life, stop. They will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love…”.

Wrapping that statement, I start to give stronger and bigger meaning for my life, which make me be able to say.

Don’t be scared to walk alone

Don’t be scared to like it

There’s no time that you must be home

So sleep where darkness falls

Alive in the age of worry

Smile in the age of worry

Go out in the age of worry

And say, “Worry, why should I care?”

This is not magic and one day works to understand and reach that consciousness. It is a whole life lessons that need a hard work to do instead of trying to find answers for your entire question all the time. It is about making your faith, dream and hope work for you. So start share your dream and passion with every people you love and keep your eyes and heart open, because it is always be an opportunity that he could be the Mr. Right Time in The Right Place.***

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet

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