Sunset at St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne 2010

Being procrastinator is totally awsome, like hitchin a ride on a wonderland, hahahaha. It’s been my guilty pleasure today when I prefer to push my self up to the limit, catching due time for my assignment submission. Shit! I supposed to be typing some action script on my flash program instead of typing this notes. Jijiji…Escaping again! I can’t put my head on the assignment, for God shake! this evil persuasion dragging my hair and stuck it in a cool frozen imagination about a whole bunch of idea that wasn’t related to my assignment. I was planning to go out for sunday market in Camberwell this morning, and hook up an event in Indonesian Consulate Office by the noon. Bhwahahahaha, I cancel all those plan just because I haven’t finish my assignment that supposed to be submit by this midnight.

I guess I’m just not in the mood of loving myself the way that I know.

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