Yarra River on one windy autumn, Melbourne 2010

How does it feels falling in love with a giant huge hunks? “Jai guru deva om” – Nothing’s gonna change my world. I got my whole world into me as if I’m falling into humongous fluffy clouds. Fi! Fa! Foe! yelled the giant to jack whose pooping up in the top of the beans talk. You’re my eggplant in a purple well-done dishes, easy to swallowed without any hard work to chew. A green spotlight watermelon bubble tape chewing gum, elastically blown and simply irresistible. Hello, may I speak with Mr.Green Spotlight, please? tut..tut..tut.. the person you are calling is inactive and temporary disable. Yes Mr. Green, I know you have turn on your flight mode right now, and we are playing save in a back lava room, hundred feet from the ground. Let me push that off button inside of you so you can see clearly a way to my heart. Bulls Eye!!! There you got it! I know it!! I know it!! You can do it! I am so relive I got you under my skin.

Literally It was a Hoax, but I love fairy tales anyway, and again Nothing’s gonna change my world. How about Goldilocks and The Three Bears? Kriiinggg, the bells ringing, class over, time to go home.

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