Twisted Aching Heart

It is going to be easy back than, when things like this happen. I’ll just grab my menthol lucky strike cigarettes with a bottle of cold corona, cut some slice of lemon and tab it into the bottle neck. Breath it deep into my mouth and blow it smoothly trough tips of my lips. Another big hole in the heart, being sick as lame person. Years of tiredness, still coming again, though not as frequent as It is used to be.
I need my girl friend, I miss her so much. My dear lovely soul mate schizo friend. I still remember our first kiss, me “Bumi” and you “Langit”. Tamed me down with your husky wishper, I rime your breath away with high pitch scream. We were worshiping each other. “Ssshhhh.. It’s okay baby, It’s okay, stop your cry now, stop crying now”. You said my heart can’t be hurt.

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